Building & Safety Documents

DocumentDocument Name
Access Ramp (PDF)181_access ramp
Accessible Counter (PDF)305_Hemet_Counters_Rev
Accessible Parking Signage (PDF)303_Hemet_Parking_Signage
Accessible Toilet-Single (PDF)304_Hemet_Single_Toilet
Address (PDF)132 Address
Affidavit Form 1 (PDF)AffidavitForm1
After Hours Service (PDF)After Hours Service
Alternative Material Review (PDF)148_Alternative material review
Application-Fax (PDF)FaxApp
Application for PIN# LandTrak (PDF)Application for PIN# LandTrak
Application for Temporary Occupancy (PDF)Application for Temporary Occupancy
Application-Permit (PDF)Permitap2009
Application-Permit: Demolition (PDF)Permit Application Demolition
Authorization of Agent & owner (PDF)Authorization of Agent & owner
Awning Carport for Mobile Home (PDF)158_awning carport in mobile home
Backflow Device (PDF)Backflow Device
Block Wall (PDF)107_Block_Wall_Garden_Wall
Block Wall Affidavit (PDF)BlockWallAffidavit
Block Wall Tracts-Front Yard Returns (PDF)157_ front yard returns_block wall_tracts
Building Code Requirements (PDF)124_Building_Code_Requirements
Carport Awning for Mobile Home (PDF)158_awning carport in mobile home
Cash bond release (PDF)Cash bond release
Certificate of Occupancy (PDF)130_Certificate of Ocupancy
Commercial Signs (PDF)164_Commercial signs
Condominium Conversion (PDF)145_Condominium Conversions
Construction Permits (PDF)100_Construction_Permits
Construction Permit Tips for Homeowners (PDF)101_HomeOwner_Tips
Construction Trailer (PDF)156_construction trailer
Contract Inspector Time Sheet (PDF)Contract Inspector Time Sheet
Conversion of Models-Sales Office (PDF)147_Conversion of models-sales office
Credit Card Authorization (PDF)Credit Card Authorization
Deck Standard Plan (PDF)Visio-Deckstds2008
Demolition of Buildings (PDF)106_Demolition_of_Buildings
DIF Commercial (PDF)dif_commercial 10
DIF Iindustrial (PDF)dif_industrial 10
DIF Mobile Home (PDF)dif_mobile_home 10
DIF Multi-family (PDF)dif_multi-family 10
DIF Single Family (PDF)dif_single_family 10
Drywall Replacement (PDF)160_Drywall replacmenet
Duplicate Anything (PDF)135 Duplicate Anything
Edison Release (PDF)Edisrele
Electrial Panel Upgrade (PDF)143_Electrical panel upgrade
Electrical Requirements (PDF)127_General_Electrical_Requirements
Final Inspection Request (PDF)Final_inspection_request
Final Request Form (PDF)Final Request Form
Fire Damage Process (PDF)152_ fire damage process
Fire Sprinkler Plan Submittal (PDF)166_Fire sprinkler plan submittal
Fixture Counts (PDF)Fixture Counts
Fixture Counts for Commercial (PDF)Supplemental Permit Application
Fixture Counts for SFD (PDF)Fixture Counts for SFD
Fixture Counts with Explainations (PDF)Fixture Counts with Explainations
Front Yard Returns-Block Wall Tracts (PDF)157_ front yard returns_block wall_tracts
Garage Conversion (PDF)174_garage conversion
Garage Plan (PDF)Garage Plan
Garden Wall Standard Plan (PDF)Visio-GardenWallfinal2008
Gas Release (PDF)Gasrelea
General Building Information (PDF)123_General_Building_Information
Generator Submittal Requirments (PDF)146_Generator ubmittal requirements
High Lift Grout (PDF)180_high lift grout
Housing Checklist (PDF)174 Housing checklist
How to Locate Inspection Scheduleing (PDF)How to Locate Inspection Scheduleing
HVAC Title 24 (PDF)151 HVAC Title 24
Inspection Request (PDF)Inspection Request
Inspection Supplemental (PDF)Inspection Supplemental
Inspections (PDF)128_Inspections
Low Profile (PDF)Low Profile
Mechanical Requirements (PDF)126_General_Mechanical_Requirements
Meter Pedestal-Submital Requirements (PDF)153_Submittal_requirements_meter pedestals
Mobile Home Awning Carport (PDF)158_awning carport in mobile home
Mobile Home Cabana (PDF)Mobile Home Cabana
Mobile Home Low Profile (PDF)Mobile Home Low Profile
Mobile Home Own Your Own Lot (PDF)134 Mobilehome Own Your Own Lot
Mobile Home Porch Deck (PDF)Mobile Home Porch Deck
Mobile Home Reinstallation (PDF)109B_Mobilehome setup park
Mobile Home Setup (PDF)109_Mobilehome setup park
Mobile Home Submittal Checklist (PDF)176_mobile-manufactured home submittal checklist
Model Home Complex (PDF)154_model home complex
MSHCP TUMF Exemption (PDF)MSHCP TUMF Exemption
Neighbor Consent Form (PDF)neighbor consent form
New Commercial Procedure (PDF)150_New_commercial_procedure
Non-Permitted Construction-Submital Requirments (PDF)159_Submittal requirements_non permitted construction
Owners Acknowledgment and Verification Info (PDF)Owners Acknowledgment and Verification Info
Owner-Builder Authorization (PDF)179_owner-builder authorization
Panel Upgrade (PDF)143_Electrical panel upgrade
Parking-Double (PDF)302_Hemet_Double_Parking
Parking-Single (PDF)301_Hemet_Single_Parking
Parking Lot Restripe (PDF)141_parking lot restripe
Patio Cover-Single Family Dwelling (PDF)131 Patio Cover-SIngle Family Dwelling
Patio Enclosures (PDF)138_patio enclosures
Patio Standard Plan (PDF)Visio-PatioStd2008
Permit Application (PDF)Permitap2009
Permit Exemptions (PDF)103_Permit Exemptions
Permit Issuance Requirements (PDF)PermitIssuance Requirements
Photovoltaic System Submittal Requirements (PDF)168_Photovoltaic system submittal requirements
Pilaster Standard Plan (PDF)Visio-Pilasterfinal2008
Plan Check-Patio Enclosure (PDF)Plan Check_patio enclosure
Plan Check and Permit Info (PDF)167_plan checks and permits info
Plan Check Turn-Around Times (PDF)105_Plan_Check_Times_expedited
Plot Plan (PDF)Plot Plan
Plumbing Requirements (PDF)125_General_Plumbing_Requirements
Pool Subcontractor List (PDF)Pool Subcontractor List
Racking and Shelving (PDF)170_Submittal_requirements for racking and shelving
Re-Roof (PDF)133 Re-Roofing
Repipe Rewire House (PDF)165_Repipe_rewire house
Request Duplication of Plans (PDF)Request_duplication_of_plans
Restricted Access (PDF)Restricted Access
Revisions to Approved Plans (PDF)171_Submittal_Requirements for revisions to
approved plans
Rewire Repipe House (PDF)165_Repipe_rewire house
Sales Office-Conversion of Models (PDF)147_Conversion of models-sales office
Sample Site Plan (PDF)Sample Site Plan
Sales Trailer (PDF)155_sales trailer
Satellite Dish Antenna (PDF)161_Satellite dish antenna
School Fee (PDF)Schoolfee
Septic System (PDF)163_Septic system
Sewer As-Built (PDF)175_sewer as built
Siding Repair or Replacement (PDF)144_Siding repair or replacement
Signs (PDF)164_Commercial signs
Single Family Procedure (PDF)140_Single family procedure
Small Business Constrution Tips (PDF)104_Small_Business_Construction_Permit_Tips
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms (PDF)Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Solar Panel (PDF)168_Photovoltaic system submittal requirements
South Coast Air Quality Management District Affidavit (PDF)SCAQMD
Special Events (PDF)122_Special_Events
Special Inspector Registration (PDF)142_Special Inspector registration
Spray Booth Submittal Requirements (PDF)162_Spray booth submittal requirements
Standard Plan Check TUrn-Around Times (PDF)102_Plan_Check_Standard
Stop Work Order (PDF)Stop Work Order
Subcontractor List (PDF)Subcontractor list
Submittal Requirements for Commercial Tenant
 Improvements (PDF)
Submital Requirements for Meter Pedestals (PDF)153_Submittal_requirements_meter pedestals
Submittal Requirements for New Commercial (PDF)110_Submittal_Requirements_New_Commercial
Submittal Requirements-Non-Permitted Construction (PDF)159_Submittal requirements_non permitted construction
Submittal Requirements for Non-Standard Block
 Walls (PDF)
Submittal Requirements for Non-Standard Patio
 Covers (PDF)
Submittal Requirements for Racking and Shelving (PDF)170_Submittal_requirements for racking and shelving
Submittal Requirements for Revisions to Approved
 Plans (PDF)
171_Submittal_Requirements for revisions to approved
Submittal Requirements for Single Family Additions (PDF)117_Single_Family_Additions
Submittal Requirements for Single Family Dwellings (PDF)116_Single_Family_Dwellings
Submittal Requirements for Single Family Tracts (PDF)115_Single_Family_Tracts
Submittal Requirements SFR Tracts (PDF)173_Submittal requiremenst SFR tracts
Swimming Pools and Spas (PDF)121_Swimming_Pools
Temporary Construction Power (PDF)111_Temp_Constrction_Power
Temp Utility Release (PDF)Temp Utility Release
Temp Utility Release Housing Rehabs (PDF)Temp Utility Release Housing Rehabs
Temp Utility Release Tracts (PDF)Temp Utility Release Tracts
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (PDF)136 Temporary Certificate of Ocuupancy
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (PDF)Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
Temporary Release of Utilities W-Bond (PDF)Temporary release of utilities w-bond
Tract Home Information (PDF)120_Tract_Home_Information
Unreasonable Hardship (PDF)Unreasonable Hardship
Upgrade Electrical Panel (PDF)143_Electrical panel upgrade
Use and Occupancy Determination (PDF)182 Use and Occupancy Determination
Utilities To Shed (PDF)113_Utilities_To_Shed
Water Heaters (PDF)108_Water_heaters
Water Meter (PDF)149_New water meter
When To Call For Inspections (PDF)112_Inspections
Window Changeout (PDF)137_window change outs