Post-Release Accountability & Compliance Team


Hemet Police PACT Group Photo

P.A.C.T. (Post-Release Accountability and Compliance Team) is a task force created in response to Assembly Bill 109 which resulted in the state releasing prisoners from state prisons to alleviate overcrowding issues to comply with a Supreme Court decision. These prisoners were moved to county jails or reassigned to the county for supervision under county probation. From there, they are released into the community. Many require post-release supervision.

Supervision of Released Prisoners

The purpose of the P.A.C.T. Task Force is to maintain supervision of these subjects after they are released into the community. The Task Force pursues those individuals who commit new crimes or do not comply with the terms of their release.

Regional Task Force

Sgt. Derek Maddox picCentral P.A.C.T. was originally formed in February of 2012 with participating agencies which included Hemet Police Department, Palm Springs Police Department, Desert Hot Springs Police Department, Beaumont Police Department, Cathedral City Police Department, Riverside Co. DA’s Office, and Riverside Co. Probation Department. In May 2013, East P.A.C.T. was formed with primarily desert law enforcement agencies. West P.A.C.T. was also formed with law enforcement agencies in western Riverside County.

Currently, the Central P.A.C.T. participating agencies are Hemet Police Department, Beaumont Police Department, Murrieta Police Department, Riverside County Probation Department, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office- Bureau of Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Hemet Police Department provides a Sergeant to supervise the task force.

Sergeant Derek Maddox can be contacted at (951) 765-3849 or email Derek Maddox.