Businesses/Multi-Family Communities

Mandatory Commercial Recycling

AB 341: Reciclaje Obligatorio Comercial (PDF)

Beginning July 1, 2012, Assembly Bill 341 [AB341] required all businesses in California that generate four or more cubic yards of waste per week to recycle. In an effort to assist you with this law, our contracted hauler (CR&R Environmental Services), offers a wide variety of recycling services. Please visit their website at for further information.  Information about California’s new business recycling requirement is available from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) at

Multi-Family Guide (PDF)

Commercial Service Guide (PDF)

Construction Services (PDF)

Start an Office Recycling Program!!

  1. Designate an office Recycling Coordinator: Select a coordinator to oversee your recycling program. The coordinator is responsible for arranging collection, encouraging employees to recycle and monitoring the recycling program
  2. Arrange for collection. Several collection options are available: contact CR&R Inc. (800-755-8112) for collection; designate an employee to deliver your recyclables to the nearest Hemet recycling center; or consider allowing your janitorial staff to keep the CRV in exchange for collecting the recyclables a win/win scenario.
  3. Get recycling bins. Contact CR&R Inc. about your new office program and the need for bins, or purchase bins for multiple locations in your office or transform some existing trash cans into recycling bins. Now that’s recycling.
  4. Identify CRV recyclable beverage containers. Educate employees on the various beverage containers in the CRV (California Redemption Value) program. From water bottles to iced tea, sports drinks and soda containers let your employees know what can be recycled.
  5. Location, location, location. Generate maximum participation by placing recycling bins at each break area, workstation, office, and cubicle.
  6. Make it easy Label the bins. Label recycling bins to indicate what items go in which bin. Most aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers can be recycled and redeemed for cash at certified recycling centers.
  7. Kick-off the recycling program. Announce your new office-recycling program through an event or a series of internal emails leading up to the program kick-off.
  8. Keep up the enthusiasm. Create recycling incentive programs to keep employee interest. Some simple ideas include:
  • Rewards for recycling. Use funds from redeemed beverage containers to sponsor quarterly office parties or coffee breaks.
  • Recognize employees who reduce the company’s waste Recycler of the Month.
  • Let your customers know distribute waste reduction and recycling tips to spread your recycling message.