pothole patrol fadePotholes- no one likes them. They seem to pop up by magic almost overnight. In reality, potholes are created many ways. The most common way is when water seeps into cracks in the surface of the road. Then, combined with the vibration of the tires over the cracks, this causes the asphalt to fail. That is why there are more potholes when it rains.

Vehicular traffic can cause the subsurface material to move, generating a weak spot under the street. And every time that a vehicle travels over it, the damage grows until the new pothole is formed.

The Streets Division can repair more than 4,000 potholes per year using such materials as High Performance cold mix or a hot mix compound. Crews do their best to spot potholes wherever they may travel and welcome local residents to report potholes when they see them.

Report a Problem

To report a pothole, please call 951-765-3712 or use the service request system SeeClickFix.

tutorial video has been created to show you SeeClickFix features.