Plan Review Process and Information

New Submittal

New submittals are accepted by the City of Hemet in a variety of options:
  • In Person:  The City of Hemet offices are open from 7:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Thursday.  Please arrive before 4:30pm to ensure there will be ample time to be assisted.  Arriving after 4:30pm, you may be asked to return the following day.
  • Online Portal:  Contractors and other design professionals may submit their projects online.  Please see our Online Portal Instructions.  Please review our Electronic Plan Submittal Requirements to ensure your submittal will be accepted.  Specific instructions have been created for Solar Contractors as well as Fire Sprinkler-Tract Contractors.
  • Email:  Homeowners may apply for permits via email.  Emails should be sent to Once received and processed you will be contacted.  Please review our Electronic Plan Submittal Requirements to ensure your submittal will be accepted.


Applicant can resubmit plans either electronically or in paper form. The above process should be followed. Please ensure the plan check comments and reference to the corrections are submitted along with the plans.


When plans have been approved by all Departments, an e-mail will be sent to the applicant to provide a complete printed copy of the plans. Instructions will be sent on how to send those plans.

Permit Issuance

Permit will be considered issued when the following has been completed and you are notified by the City of Hemet that your Job Card and Plans are ready for delivery.  Please be advised any work performed before notification from the City will be considered "working without a permit" and a special investigation fee may be charged.:
  1. Physical plans have been wet-signed approved by all required City of Hemet Departments.
  2. Applicant submits all required releases from outside agencies, ie. Health Department; School Fee Receipt; TUMF Payment Receipt, etc.  The City will provide you the necessary information that is still outstanding.
  3. Applicant will be provided an invoice to pay for permit fees and any subsequent plan check fees.
  4. Applicant pays outstanding fees.
  5. Applicant is notified the permit has been issued.
  6. Applicant is provided instruction on how to obtain job card and approved plans.