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Row of Mobile Homes

Hemet mobile home parks (PDF)
A list is provided with the names, addresses and phone numbers of the majority of mobile home parks located in the City of Hemet.

California 2017 mobile home residency laws (PDF)
Residency laws change periodically. This is the 2017 version. 

California 2016 mobile home residency laws FAQ (PDF) 
This is a listing of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to the 2016 California mobile home residency laws. 

Complaint form pertaining to mobilehome parks
This is an on-line form for filing a complaint pertaining to a mobile home park. 

What every mobile home owner should know (PDF)
This is a very informative read for mobile home owners. 

Fair Housing Council of Riverside County
The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County is a non-profit organization that fights to protect the housing rights of all individuals. 

Lead in Your Home Brochure (PDF)
Brochure providing information pertaining to possible lead conditions in your home.