Simpson Center


For years, the City of Hemet partnered with Valley-Wide to provide recreation programming at the Simpson Center to members of the community. These valuable and critically important services allowed residents to connect and engage with one another at the City-owned community center. 

The Simpson Center has been closed since last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the same time, individuals have alleged that there are accessibility concerns under the Americans with Disabilities Act at the Simpson Center. The City is committed to providing accessible programs, services and facilities for people with disabilities and has begun a process for studying and addressing these concerns at the Simpson Center. This process of evaluation has already started and will continue through the remainder of this year, and for this reason, the City is focusing on a speedy evaluation of accessibility concerns. As a result of the review and analysis being conducted by the City, the current agreement with Valley-Wide Recreation will not be renewed beginning on July 1, 2021. 

The City values and appreciates the partnership and effort put forth by Valley-Wide Recreation in coordinating community programming for the City of Hemet. The City and Valley-Wide Recreation look forward to our continued partnership to better serve our residents. We will keep the community apprised of the expected reopening timelines as we evaluate the needs at the Center. For more information about specific details, please visit and read through the FAQs. Additional questions may be directed to the Office of the City Manager at 951-765-2301.


1. Will the Simpson Center remain open while the analysis is being conducted?

         a. No, the Simpson Center will not remain open while it conducts its analysis.

2. Does the City have an idea of when the Center will reopen?

         a. Not at this moment. Staff has begun an evaluation and will keep the community informed of the progress made.

3. How will I be able to get my belongings at the Simpson Center?

         a. Valley-Wide Recreation staff remains at the site. They can coordinate with Valley-Wide Recreation at 951-929-      5607.

4. Are there other opportunities to host classes or events?

         a. As COVID restrictions change, we encourage members of the public to follow the City’s website for information related to opportunities at parks and our Library.

5. What types of changes will be made at the Simpson Center?

         a. Once the analysis is completed, we will provide the information on what the community can expect.