Safety Element & Environmental Justice Element Update


The City of Hemet is updating its Safety Element, and adding a new Environmental Justice Element. The Safety Element update will address wildfire, climate adaptation and resiliency, and other risks to the community to ensure compliance with new State mandates. The Environmental Justice Element will promote policies to reduce health risks, environmental pollution, access to public facilities, food access, and safe and sanitary homes.

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Environmental Justice Element

The EJ Element is to identify disadvantaged communities within the City of Hemet as required by Senate Bill (SB) 1000 – Environmental Justice in Local Land Use Planning (2015 -2016) and address the unique needs of any disadvantaged communities within the plans, policies, and goals of the City’s General Plan. A “Disadvantaged community” means an area identified by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) pursuant to Section 39711 of the Health and Safety Code or an area that is a low-income area that is disproportionately affected by environmental pollution and other hazards that can lead to negative health effects, exposure, or environmental degradation. (Gov. Code, § 65302, subd. (h)(4)(A)).   The Environmental Justice Element will establish objectives that: 

  • Help improve air quality, food access, safe and sanitary homes, physical activity, and public facilities.
  • Promote civil engagement in the public decision making process.
  • Prioritize improvements and programs that address the needs of disadvantaged communities.

Safety Element

In 2018, the State passed Senate Bill No. 1035 which requires the Public Safety Element to be reviewed not less than once every eight years and revised as necessary to address climate change and resiliency strategies. The intention is to identify new information relating to flood, fire, and other climate hazards not available during the previous revision of the safety element.

  • Environmental issues, such as air quality, water quality, industrial waste and release
  • Zoning and Code Enforcement
  • Housing, including the quality and quantity of affordable and safe housing options.
  • Transportation
  • Fire and Flood Safety
  • Effects of Climate Change
  • Adaption Strategies
  • Resiliency Planning
  • Quality of Life

virtual community workshop, wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Spanish translation will be available at the meeting. Sign language is avaliable with at least 24 hour notification to the contact below. 

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